Using Applications

2.7 Using Applications within the EO4SD Lab

In addition to the various processing services, the EO4SD Lab also provides users with access to various interactive image processing and GIS applications that can be used to manipulate and analysis data.

The current applications available are listed below, together with links to where there are appropriate tutorials:

EO  toolboxes 

GIS toolboxes

To start an application, select the application from the services menu, and then drag and drop input data as for any other service. You should also specify:

  • A timeout period (default 60 mins)
  • A label to identify the job

Pressing the arrow will give a message asking for confirmation to debit coins from your account:

The job will initially appear in the “jobs” part of the data panel as pending. Note that it might take a few minutes for the application to be deployed and ready to use.

Once the application is ready to be launched, the menu changes with the addtion of the Open GUI symbol   as shown below:

Clicking on the  symbol will open the GUI window in a new tab:

Click OK to start the application:


Within these applications the files that the users has been requested to be viewed / opened with the application should be automatically opened. If not these these can be found in the /Nobody/InDir folder that can be accessed using the normal file management tools of the application. Outcomes can be saved again using the normal file management tools, with the files saved in the /Nobody/OutDir. On close of the job, these files will be subsequently available to be used in other parts of the EO4SD Lab, and can be located via the File option on the Manage/Share tab or through the Output Products search option on the Explorer tab.

Note there are a few steps for closing the application. Within the application window you can close the application itself using its own functions, but this will not kill the job. Alternatively you can stop the job itself on the Manage / Share tab by clicking on the solid square icon that on the job listing. This will complete the job so that in the Explorer window the job will be marked as completed (so no longer marked as running) and the  symbol will be hidden.