Systematic Processing

2.6 Systematic Processing

In addition to the “standard” processing mode the platform also offers the option to perform processing in a systematic mode.

If this is selected, then the workspace of the service changes, so that as well as the input parameters of the selected service (section 2.4) the input parameters of satellite data search (section 2.2) are also listed, as shown in the figure below.


For this option, instead of inputting a satellite product (or products) directly the user specifies criteria for the input satellite data, including:

  • Satellite Collection.
  • Processing level or other specification of the satellite data to use.
  • Start and end dates. (The end date is optional.)
  • Area of interest.
  • Product identifier string.
  • Other parameters (e.g. cloud coverage) depending upon the satellite collection.

Once this service is running, the EO4SD Lab system will periodically search for data that matches the criteria. If it finds any, then it will launch a job to process the new data using the specified service, making the output available in the same way as for any other job.

This means that once the job is started, there will first be a bulk processing of any historic data, then periodic processing of any new data that arrives. If an end date is specified then no data will be processed after this date, otherwise the processing will continue.

Note that any processing will be conditional upon the user having a sufficient coin balance. If the user’s balance expires then the processing will be paused, then resume once the balance has been augmented. At the moment the system does not foresee any warning when the user’s balance is about to expire.