Forthcoming EO Wiki Webinar

Event date: 
14 October 2020

The EO4SD Lab team invite you to a free webinar showcasing the EO4SD Lab portal functionality, particularly the new EO Wiki capabilities and the service portfolio.

Since in the initial release of the EO4SD Lab earlier in 2020, a range of new functionality has been added to the Lab to both meet your needs to generate, view and share the wealth of geospatial information that can be generated from the extensive and increasing EO archives.

In particular in the last few months the Lab has been updated to:

  • Expand the Service Portfolio to increase the range of geospatial datasets that can be routinely created on the EO4SD Lab. This service portfolio has been geared towards the sustainable development community and includes services focused on thematic areas such as agriculture and vegetation, land cover, wetland and water and more general services focused on land cover and land cover changes
  • Improve the tools used for systematic processing of routinely gathered EO data to generate a time series of data for a particular project location as well as the new Project Monitoring interface which is an easy to use tool to browse through the generated time series
  • The ability, through the EO WIKI to browse previously generated geospatial datasets and derived maps. Users can also combine these geospatial datasets to create, view and share their own maps.

The EO4SD Lab team will demonstrate these new Lab features in the free online webinar and showcase the types of content the Lab can create. There will also be a Q&A session for you to raise any question or help you might have.

The Webinar will take place on Wednesday 14th October at 14:00 CEST. The webinar will also be recorded for future viewing.

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