My EO4SD Lab Account


6.1 The “My account” tab

The “my account” tab provides the user with the following information

  • The username (and associated email) used to access the site.
  • The user’s role (basic user, expert user, administrator, etc)
  • A link to the account management of the Keycloak user account
  • The current balance of coins, and a link to where more can be requested.
  • The transaction history, showing your coin usage over time.
  • The API key management panel


6.2 Use of Coins

Although users may freely browse data and outputs on the site, to run a process or to download data requires them to have a sufficient coin allocation.

At the current stage of the EO4SD Lab project, coins are not used for billing but as a means to enforce a fair-use policy. Coins may be requested at any time by emailing the project’s helpdesk at

Users will be initially assigned a small number of coins to allow them to investigate the system, then if the user requires more coins (e.g. to do a batch processing) this will be agreed with the project on a case by case basis.

6.3 API key management

Under API key management, users can

  • Generate an API Key for the first time
  • Delete an existing API Key
  • Regenerate an existing API Key (effectively replacing the previous one)

For security reasons, when a key is generates, it is shown only once to the user to take note of it.