Exploring Data and Services


This section describes the functionalities available through the Explorer tab.

2.1 The Explorer Tab

The explorer tab allows users to search for data and for available services, then to select a service to be run on the data. The figure below shows an overview of the explorer tab.

Down the left hand side is a menu containing the following symbols


Brings up the Search panel allowing users to search for data. This can be Satellite data, user-uploaded Reference data or Output products already processed on the EO4SD-Lab. See section 2.2.


Brings up the Services panel allowing user to search for available services that can be run on the data. See section 2.4


Brings up the Workspace panel for determining the inputs / parameters for the selected service. See section 2.4.2.


Brings up the Data-Panel (see below), allowing a user to see key information, including search results, databaskets, details of jobs and activities. If the panel is already visible  then pressing this symbol will hide it.


Brings up the Messages panel, which shows a count of the number of unread messages. Clicking on it will open the data panel at the messages tab.


At the bottom of the explorer tab the Data-Panel can be made to appear. This shows the user

  • Results of data searches, as described in section 2.2.
  • Databaskets, as described in section 2.3.
  • Status of jobs, as described in section 2.5.
  • System messages to the user.

The Data-Panel can be closed by clicking on the “Close” button in the top right, or can be expanded by clicking on the “Expand Button”.

The remainder of the explorer tab shows the GeoBrowser, which can be used to select areas, to see product footprints and to view previews of some types of products.