EO Clinc


EO Clinic

The EO4SD Lab team are keen to engage with all ODA and IFI users who could potentially benefit from using EO-derived information products. Such user feedback, needs and requirements will be used to create a target list of desired tools, services, data and information. In some cases, such user needs may be better met by another ESA initiative, the Earth Observation Clinic  (EO Clinic).

The EO Clinic is a rapid-response mechanism for small-scale and exploratory uses of satellite EO information in support of a wide range of projects and activities specific to International Development. The EO Clinic consists of “on-call” technically pre-qualified teams of EO service suppliers and satellite remote sensing experts in ESA member states. They are ready to help development projects with a comprehensive range of skills and experience in terms of geospatial product generation and analysis, based on a large variety of satellite data. This activity is also an opportunity to explore more innovative EO products related to developing or improving methodologies for deriving socio-economic and environmental parameters and indicators.

The EO Clinic began in March 2019 and is open to support requests by key development banks and agencies. The support teams are ready to meet the short delivery timescales often required by the development sector, targeting a maximum of 3 months from request to solution. If you are an International Development professional and want to contact the EO Clinic directly you can send them a message  to express your interest. You can also download an EO Clinic Requester Questionnaire.