Service & Data Portfolio

The EO4SD Lab provides a range of thematic processing services (Table 1) and supporting interactive tools and applications (Table 2). Service Portfolio documents (pdf) are currently being prepared to provide details of each service and how it can be used.  The EO4SD Lab User Manual provides detailed guidance on how to use the portal including accessing and running each service and tool. Table 3 provides an overview of the accessible EO data. 


Table 1: Processing Services

Name  Description  Service Type  Supported EO sensors  Service output products  Type of service Coverage

This service allows to generate full resolution RGB (optical) and single-channel (SAR) GeoTiff images from EO data products. The output GeoTiff is displayed in geobrowser with the possibility to access product metadata and download original dataset to be used in further processing. The service supports a variety of optical and SAR detected products from the following missions: Pleiades 1A/1B, SPOT- 6/-7, Sentinel-2A/2B L1C, Landsat-8 L1, UK-DMC 2 L1T, Kompsat-2/-3 L1G, Kompsat-5 L1D, Kanopus-V, Resurs-P, Terrasar-X L1B, Sentinel-1A/1B GRD, ALOS-2 L15, Radarsat-2 SGS SAR, Rapideye L3A, VRSS1 L2B, GF-2 L2A, Sentinel-3 EFR). Note that the current verison of the EO4SD Lab provides access to Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Landsat-8 data. In case of Sentinel-1 IW data the resolution is 20mx20m in order to increase the number of looks and reduce image size. A short service guide is provided here.

Note that this service supports additional EO input datasets beyond those available in the current version of EO4SD Lab

 EO data visualisation  • Sentinel-1 GRD
• Sentinel-2 L1C
• Sentinel-3 EFR
• Landsat-8 L1 

• Full resolution images (GeoTIFF) on-demand Global


This service provides geocoded composites of coherence and amplitude images from a pair of Sentinel-1 IW or EW SLC data pairs. SNAP is a common architecture for all Sentinel Toolboxes, which is ideal for Earth Observation processing and analysis.

A short service guide is provided here.

SAR processing  Sentinel-1 IW SLC / EW SLC • Coherence and Intensity RGB combination
• Coherence product
• Backscatter average product
• Backscatter difference product
• Sigma Master and Slave RGB combination
• Sigma Master product
• Sigma Slave product
on-demand Global (Sentinel-1 IW coverage)
COMBI The Band Combination service provides RGB combination from user defined bands of single or multiple EO data products. The service supports optical and SAR detected products from the following missions: ALOS-2 (L1.5), GF-2 (L2A), Kanopus-V IK (MSS_PSS), Kompsat-2/-3 (L1G PAN_MS), Kompsat-5 (L1D GTC), Landsat 8 (L1TP,L1T,L1GT), Pleiades 1 (ORTHO), Radarsat-2 (SGF), Rapideye (L3A ORTHO), Resurs-P (KSHMSA), Sentinel-1 (L1 GRD), Sentinel-2 (L1C, L2A), Sentinel-3 (L1 OLCI ERR/EFR, L1 SLSTR RBT), SPOT- 6/-7 (L3 ORTHO), Terrasar-X (L1B EEC), UK-DMC 2 (L1T), VRSS1 (L2B). For selected sensors visualisation enhacements are available. A short service guide is provided here.
Note that this service supports additional EO input datasets beyond those available in the current version of EO4SD Lab. Also note this version only supports Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 data & Sentinel-3, this will be expanded forthcoming releases.
EO data visualisation  • Sentinel-1 GRD
• Sentinel-2 L1C
• Sentinel-3 OLCI EFR / ERR
•  RGB band combination (GeoTIFF) on-demand Global
Sen2Agri MAJA Atmospheric Correction (Sen2Agri L2A) This Sen2Agri service generates a L2A bottom-of-atmosphere reflectance product using the MACCS-ATCOR Joint Algorithm (MAJA). This service should be run prior to any other Sen2Agri service. A service guide is provided here Generation of atmospherically correction image products  • Sentinel-2 L1C

• Bottom-of-atmosphere Reflectance L2A product on-demand Global
Sen2Agri Cloud-free Composite (Sen2AgriL3A) This Sen2Agri service combines and processes a number of Sentinel-2 L2A images to create a cloud-free temporal synthesis of surface reflectance bands designed for land observations (L3A). A service guide is provided here Generation of products relevant for agricultural monitoring  • Sentinel-2 L2A

• Cloud-free Reflectance Composite L3A on-demand Global
Sen2Agri Cropland Mask (Sen2AgriL4A) This Sen2Agri service processes Sentinel-2 L2A imagery to create a Cropland mask, which is a binary mask separating annual cropland areas and other areas at 10m spatial resolution. Masks are generated throughout the agricultural season incorporating additional Sentinel-2 images. The output will be a L4A Product. A short service guide is provided here Generation of products relevant for agricultural monitoring • Sentinel-2 L2A
• Cropland Mask L4A on-demand Global
Sen2Agri Crop Type Map (Sen2AgriL4B) This This Sen2Agri service processes Sentinel-2 L2A imagery to create a Crop type map, which is a map of the main crop types, as defined by the user-supplied training data. The output will be a L4B product.A short service guide is provided here. Generation of products relevant for agricultural monitoring • Sentinel-2 L2A

•  Crop Type Map L4B on-demand Global
Sen2Agri Leaf Area Index (Sen2AgriL3B)

This  generates a Leaf Area Index (LAI) product from Sentinel-2 L2A products (generated using Sen2Agri L2A service). LAI is a commonly used biophysical parameter that characterises the plant canopy. A short service guide is provided here. Generation of vegetation index relevant for agricultural monitoring • Sentinel-2 L2A
• LAI on-demand Global
Burned Area  This Burned Area service creates a difference Normalised Burn Ratio (dNBR) from two Sentinel-2 images taken from before and after a fire event. The NBR uses a combination of NIR and SWIR bands to monitor vegetation canopy structure. A significant decrease in such NBR levels can indicate removal of vegetation that would occur during a fire event. The Burned Area service uses the color classification proposed by the United States Geological Service (USGS) to interpret the burn severity. A short service guide is provided here Index and product generation.  • Sentinel-2 L1C


• Difference NBR  on-demand Global
Active Fire  This active fire service creates an image using a combination of Sentinel-2 L1C visible, near infrared and short-wave infrared spectral bands that emphasises regions of active fire. This is not a classification, rather its can be used to help visually identify regions of active fire. A short service guide is provided here Visualisation.  • Sentinel-2 L1C


• RGB band combination (GeoTiff)   on-demand Global
Vegetation Indices  This service processes Sentinel-2 L1C images to create various radiometric indices that are relevant for vegetation monitoring including NDVI, SAVI, TNDVI, RVI and GEMI. This service was originally created within the Forestry-Thematic Exploitation Platform (F-TEP) project. A short service guide is provided here. Index generation.  • Sentinel-2 L1C


Various radiometric / vegetation indices (NDVI, TNDVI, RVI, SAVI, TSAVI, MSAVI, MSAVI2, GEMI, IPVI) - all in GeoTIFF format on-demand Global
ForestChangeS2  This service performs forest change mapping based on the ratio of red reflectance between two Sentinel-2 L1C images from the same S-2 tile. Originally developed by the F-TEP project. A short service guide is provided here. Product Generation  • Sentinel-2 L1C


Geotiff with forest change between input images   on-demand Global
LandCoverS2  This service creates a land cover map from input Sentinel-2 L1C images along with a user-defined reference / training data. It uses the Random forest supervised classification method. The output will be a classified image along with classification metrics. Originally developed by the F-TEP project. A short service guide is provided here. Product generation.  • Sentinel-2 L1C


Land cover classified images in geotiff. Classes are determined by the training data, which will be provided in a user-uploaded shapefile. Also a confusion matrix (csv) for the classification and a training model (txt). on-demand Global
S2 True Colour  This service generates a natural (true) colour image from a Sentinel-2 L1C image, using the SNAP Sentinel Toolbox. This uses a combination of Blue (Band 2), Green (Band 3) and Red (Band 4) bands. A short service guide is provided here. Product generation • Sentinel-2 L1C True Color Geotiff on-demand Global
Land monitoring earth algorithms Fully automated processing services for the generation of important vegetation indices including LAI, NDVI, NDWI and SAVI. A short service guide is provided here.
Generation of indices relevant for land monitoring  • Sentinel-2
Service output products include:

on demand Global
Surface Water extent and frequency This service provides binary water / non-water masks for a given time and area. A time series of such binary water layers can be combined to produce a water frequency map (e.g. annual map composed of twelve monthly binary maps) which in turn allows for the differentiation of permanent water bodies, temporary water bodies, and flood plains.A short service guide is provided here.
Generation of indices and products focused on surface water mapping   
Water and Wetness Layer (including 4 classes: no water/wet areas, permanent water, temporary water, permanently wet area, temporary wet area)
Water and Wetness Probability Index
on demand Global
Basic land cover classification

Cloud-based API service producing a land cover (LC) map with eight basic land cover types based on a random forest classifier. Such maps provide a snapshot of the LC present in an area of interest at a given time. Multiple LC maps can be combined into a time series to detect land cover changes associated with a particular driver. A short service guide is provided here. Generation of Land Cover maps Sentinel-2
Land Cover including 8 classes (built-up, flat sealed surface, permanent soil, snow and ice, bare rock, water, forest, on demand Global
Wetland inventory (SDG6.6.1)  This service provides a classification of temporary and permanent wetlands as well as temporary and permanent water bodies for a given year based on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imagery. A short service guide is provided here. Generation of wetland inventory maps  Sentinel -2
Wetland inventory (identification and delineation of wetland areas over large river catchments),
Wetland habitat mapping (detailed classification of land cover/use types inside and around a wetland site)
Date of API available to be confimed, likley to be similar to the other GeoVille API services.
on demand Global
Soil Moisture.

This service provides general information on soil moisture for given input data and date. It uses a range of different EO datasets including Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, SMAP and MODIS. The service produces a single layer with showing the soil moisture in a >=20m resolution. Values can range from 0 to 1 and represent percentage of soil moisture [0%,100%]. A short service guide is provided here.

Generation of maps of soil moisture  Various EO mission, note the user does not need to define input EO data to be processed, that is done within the system. Percentage of Soil Moisture on demand Current version is limited to three locations; Denmark, Switzerland and Austria



The EO4Sd Lab also provides the following interactive applications for data visualisation and analysis: 

Table 2: Interactive tools and applications

Name / Type  Description  Supported formats 
SNAP Sentinel Applications Platform (SNAP), an application for processing and analysis of Sentinel and other data - by Brockmann Consult, Array Systems Computing and C-S. Both v5.0 and v7.0 are provided. A variety of imagery from common EO missions including Sentinels, Landsat, Envisat etc 
QGIS  QGIS v2.18, a free and open source Geographic Information System  several input types, e.g. Geotiff, Shapefile
Monteverdi  Satellite image viewer and analysis tool from the open source OrfEO Toolbox v5.8.0  several input types 


It is planned that the EO4SD Lab range of supported processors, tools and applications will expand after initial deployment based. 


Data Offering 

The EO4SD Lab gives the user access to a range of EO-data, most significantly from the Copernicus Sentinel programme. The table below provides an overview of the data currently available. This will be expanded through the course of the project to provide access to the datasets most helpful for users.  

Table 3: Available data on EO4SD Lab 

Dataset   Instrument  Product Availability 
Sentinel-1A & Sentinel-1B SAR C-Band GRD Full archive 
    OCN Last 6 months
    RAW Europe full archive 
    SLC Last 6 months / orderable 
Sentinel-2A & Sentinel-2B MSI L1C Full archive 
    L2A Limited Archive; can also be orderable from CREODIAS
Sentinel-3A & Sentinel-3B SLSTR L1 SLSTR  Full archive
  OLCI L1 OLCI Full archive 
  SRAL L1 SRAL Full archive 
  SLSTR L2 SLSTR (LST/WST) Full archive
  OLCI L2 OLCI Full archive 
  SRAL L2 SRAL Full archive 
Sentinel-5P TROPOMI L1B Full archive 
  TROPOMI L2 Full archive 
Landsat-5 TM L1G, L1T, L1GT Coverage of Europe (1984 to 2011)
Landsat-7 ETM L1G, L1T, L1GT Coverage of Europe (1999 to 2017)
Landsat-8 OLI, OLI TIRS L1G, L1GT Coverage of Europe 
Envisat  MERIS L1 Global (2002 to 2012)
SMOS MIRAS L1B, L1C, L2 Global (2010 to present)


The current version of the EO4SD Lab also provides access to a range of EO-information products from the Copernicus Land Monitoring Services. It is planned that more useful information products, such as from the other Copernicus services (such those focusing on Marine, Atmosphere and Emergencies) will be added to the portal in the coming months.