Quick start for First Time Users

In case you are visiting the EO4SD-Lab for the first time, please follow these steps:

1. Contact the EO4SD-Lab team to request an EO4SD-LAb Single-Sign-On user account. This can be done via the contact us page or by writing an email to support@eo4sd-lab.net.   

2. Await email confirmation of your account details. 

3. Visit the EO4SD-Lab user interface to login with your EO4SD-Lab Single-Sign-On account: https://eo4sd-lab.net/app

4. You are then authentificated to discover the platform functionalities and data collections

5. For processing and downloading data from the platform, ask the support team for a starting amount of virtual 'LAB coins' by writing an email to support@eo4sd-lab.net


Account and Request6. Wait for a reply from the support team and then check your "My Account" section. 

7. Create your own collection, discover existing satellite data and EO products and use a processing service. If you want to learn more about our standard processing services, get informed in our Portfolio section