5: The EO4SD Lab API

5.1 About the EO4SD Lab API

The EO4SD Lab exposes a REST API that allows users to programmatically access the functionalities of the Platform.

Usage of the API is restricted to non administrative users (with roles USER or EXPERT_USER)

5.2 Obtaining an API Key

The API Key management functions can be accessed through the "My Account" page of the EO4SD Lab Main Platform Interface.

5.3 Online API documentation

The available API functions are visible in the HAL Browser accessible at


5.4 Using the API

The EO4SD Lab API endpoint is

To make a call to an API resource, a Basic Authorization Header must be provided containing the API key. This header has the canonical form

"Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username:apikey> combination"

Example: Get a list of the user jobs

The following curl command will return a JSON description of the processing jobs visible by the user:

curl -H "Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username:apikey>"