Portal Capabilities

The EO4SD Lab Portal provides the following functionality to its users:

  • An easy to use cloud platform offering direct access to key satellite products and derived data, backed up by a scalable processing infrastructure.
  • Access to visualisation and analysis tools to extract useful information from the products and data.
  • A portfolio of data processing services, enabling users to create new products and information from the latest EO data.
  • Project Monitoring capabilities to allow users to setup regular, automatic new product generation to build up a time-series of product covering their project sites.
  • The ability for users to upload their own data for processing or analysis to create new information.
  • The ability to easily develop new services, with the ability to share processors and outputs only with selected user groups. Non-experts can easily develop their own algorithms using standard software packages (SNAP, R Studio, Orfeo, QGIS), while advanced users are able to deploy their own software and algorithms on the platform using the widely-used Docker platform technology.
  • Technical support from the EO4SD Lab team, including addition of new features and data upon user request (subject to available resources).

The EO4SD Lab will group functionality into 4 complementary functions tailored to creating different information for users of varying level of familiarity with EO concepts. These functions are enable users to:

  • Browse and view data, documents, reports and factsheets on the potential of EO in supporting sustainable development work please search the EO Wiki.
  • Analyse existing EO products to extract the information you need use the various applications in the EO Geo-Wizard.
  • Access the EO Basket to find and run services to create new EO products.
  • Develop, build and share the services they need with the EO Processor.

EO4SD-Lab core elements

Browse and find facts using the EO Wiki

EO WikiThe EO Wiki provides quantitative information about what EO and geospatial information can do to support DA. This is a showcase of the system capabilities, allowing users need to rapidly assess if the system is fit-for-purpose for what they need. The Wiki will contain relevant showcases, reports, factsheets and publications that user will be able to search retrieve and read. The provided contents shall clearly trace to the EO assets adopted, indicating where and how these have been used and what benefit they brought. The EO Wiki provides novice users with guidance as to how EO can potentially support their DA activities. Users will also be able to enrich the EO Wiki by uploading additional relevant material.

Extract information from data using the EO Geo-Wizard

EO GeoWizardThe EO Geo-Wizard is an easy-to-use tool to produce information from data. It provides statistical and analytical tools that can be used to generate quantitative facts from existing products and data, newly created products or uploaded data from the users. The Geo-Wizard enables analytic analysis of such thematic information for the creation of plots, tables, charts, histograms, time trends, for the ultimate goal of supporting the decision making progress. It does not require specific EO expertise, but it necessitates understanding on geospatial data principles.

Create new EO products using EO Basket services

EO BasketThe EO Basket gives users the ability to find and run various processing services to create new products that can be used in subsquent analysis. The powerful semantic-based search allows identification of suitable processing services by topic (e.g. forestry, agriculture, etc), geo-name or project phase (e.g. design, implementation, monitoring, etc). Through the primary Explorer interface, users can search for data, products and services relevant for their projects. The EO Basket is also the gateway into an online marketplace, allowing users to access external service catalogue and portals, such as the EARSC EOMall or ESA EOClinic, for addtional services.

Build new services with the EO Processor

EO ProcessorThe EO Processor has the tools to all moer advanced users to create bespoke data processing services. Through the primary Developer interface, users can access helpful templates to enable them to design, deploy and test new services on the EO4SD Lab. Once happy, developers can share their services with the wider community. The aim of this functionality is to allow expert users to help expand the capabilities of the overall EO4SD Lab by creating and sharing new processing services on the portal.